Self employed Sports Flooring Engineer

Since January 2023, I have been providing technical support for the evaluation, preparation, and installation of high-quality sport surfaces. With an extensive background spanning over 44 years in this field, I bring a wealth of experience to every project I undertake. Throughout my career, I have collaborated with esteemed international partners across all five continents, navigating diverse weather conditions and challenging circumstances.

About Me

With 44 years of experience in evaluating, preparing, and installing sport surfaces, I bring an international perspective gained from working on all five continents and under all weather conditions. I use specialized equipment to measure properties, slopes, and evenness of sport facilities and can provide guidance in solution development and training of personnel for the correct project execution. I believe that better preparation, inspections, and reports can significantly reduce costs and problems, and I encourage you to contact me for further information.

Advantages of engaging a sports flooring engineer

  • Expertise: A sports flooring engineer brings specialized knowledge and experience to evaluate, prepare, and install sport surfaces, ensuring optimal performance and safety.
  • Cost savings: With the guidance of a sports flooring engineer, potential problems can be identified early in the project, reducing the likelihood of costly mistakes or delays.
  • Time savings: A sports flooring engineer can streamline the installation process and ensure that the project is completed on time and within budget.
  • Quality assurance: A sports flooring engineer can provide ongoing quality control and monitoring, ensuring that the finished product meets the necessary standards and requirements.
  • Long-term value: By engaging a sports flooring engineer, clients can ensure that their investment in sport surfaces will provide long-term value and performance.

In summary, engaging a sports flooring engineer is a smart investment that can lead to cost and time savings, as well as improved quality and long-term value.



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